Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Nose Plays

Being several inches shorter and 4 shoe sizes smaller than my sisters, I've wondered through the years where did I get my genes? But tonight, part of the puzzle was solved when I met Uncle Dick, my grandmother's brother: I have a Doan nose. It's confirmed. (I'll add pictures asap so you can see for yourself)

While physically, I often don't feel like I resemble my predecessors, I'm grateful for the behaviors and mannerisms that they have passed down to me through genetics and example. I come from a family of educators: I have grandparents who have taught in the school systems for years. Each day when I work with my students at school, I'm grateful for the inherent skills that allow me to help my students become better communicators. I come from a family of musicians. While I won't claim to be a musician myself, I have an appreciation for the way that music can move your soul. I come from a family of smilers. It's not a family gathering without the grins, the laughs, the love. I'm grateful for being taught to look for joy and to smile and laugh.

So thanks for the nose and the joy (maybe that's where I got my nosiness, too)!

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