Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Married!!!

This weekend was wonderful! Tamara and Jack were married and are so happy together. It was refreshing to rejoice in their love with family and friends. I enjoyed reconnecting with family friends and relatives. I learned that there are more people reading my blog than I had thought. (Please feel free to leave a comment to just say hello.)

I had the privilege of being her maid of honor and presenting a toast. This was an emotional process for me, as when I sat down to gather my thoughts, I was disappointed that my words didn't adequately capture my overwhelming feelings of love and admiration for my sister and my joy for her. A month beforehand I had begun a draft, but I didn’t have the polished piece until the day of the wedding. Fortunately as I sat on the couch the morning of the ceremony, the words came.

David thankfully captured on film (I guess it’s not film in this digital world) proof that people laughed at the appropriate times.

Here's the toast:

When I think about the relationships that are important to me and that have helped mold me into the person I am today, my relationship with Tamara is one of the most noteworthy in my life. I have watched her through the years with critical eyes that only younger sisters understand. Admiring and loving. Dreaming and hoping to become like her someday.

Watching her, I’ve learned not only how to apply make-up and to curl, crimp, and straighten my hair (depending on the fashion of the decade), but how to show love and kindness to those who are in need of compassion. Throughout her life she has taken the time to make sure those around her feel included and cared for. I know because I’ve been watching.

As Tamara’s shadow, her lack of hesitation has taken me on a roller coaster of fun adventures from swinging on cabinet doors to covering Andrea with chocolate to sticking onions up our noses so we’d look like walruses. She knows how to transform the mundane into extraordinary memories. I know because I’ve been watching.

I wanted to have the blue Tupperware cup because she had a blue Tupperware cup. I wanted a pink and purple bike because she wanted a pink and purple bike. I wanted to play the piano because she took lessons first. I joined the cross country team because Tamara joined the cross country team. I wanted to sing in the high school choir because she sang in the high school choir. I’m grateful to have such a remarkable sister to look up to and emulate. She is an amazing woman. I know because I’ve been watching.

And she has chosen an amazing man with whom to build a life together. He is patient and calm. Thoughtful and talented. Witty and well versed. I know because I’ve been watching.

I’m looking forward to watching Jack and Tamara as they create traditions together, build a home of respect and love, and enjoy the everyday adventures of life. Know that I’ll be watching.

Here’s to Tamara and Jack. We’ll all be watching.


Stefani M. said...

Congratulations, Tamara!

I feel a little stupid because I was looking at the pictures, specifically the last two posted, and I thought "I wish Jocelyn would have posted who these people are." And then it hit me... these grown-ups must used to have been the little kids of Brent, Andrea and Chelsea. Sheesh I feel old now!

Jocelyn said...

I haven't quite mastered Blogger's formating and labeling the pictures was more than I could handle last night.

Andrea teaches 1st grade in Las Vegas. Brent just made it home in time after summer term at BYU. Chelsea started her senior year of high school. She's holding our cousin's baby, Abby.

Sarah said...

Ahhhh. 8 bridesmaids?!? Wow -- way more popular than I ever was!!! Their dresses are the same colors as the chairs in our living room. I may never be able to look at them again without thinking of you... and I won't want to sit on you... so I may be taking the sofa for a while. (:

May said...

great speech my dear, I'm sure Tamara most of all loved it.

Jenny R said...

Just a quick hi and congrats! Great toast! :)

sjmiller said...

You did a wonderful job on your speech! It was very heartfelt and meaningful!

Thought I would leave you a comment to let you know "I'll be watching!" ;) (Well, it should be "I'll be reading!")

Kristen said...

i LOVED your toast, it was so sweet. Here are some i took as well

Ben said...

WHAT!? No mention of me at all?

Yours truly,

Ben Fox

Jocelyn said...

Golly! How did I forget to mention the best man!?!? What an oversight.

Anonymous said...

You've been watching your older sister. I've been watching all of mine. You have one older sister to look up to, but how lucky am I to be able to look up to all three of my sisters. I love you so much, only as a little sister can.