Sunday, August 3, 2008

When you move out

As the second child of five in a four bedroom house, I knew that my bedroom was spoken for before I even left for college by a younger sibling. I knew that when she left that the purpose of my room would be transformed perhaps to a scrap booking room or a guest bedroom, but I always thought of the space as my room. I never imagined the space where I carefully set up my Fischer-Price farm and spent hours devouring books would be transfigured into a bathroom.

However, it's an incredibly beautiful bathroom, so I guess it's an acceptable change. I just hope that every time my parents brush their teeth, they'll remember that they are standing in the spot where I kept my favorite things, where I tried (and failed) to dye my hair with kool-aide and where I carefully gave Andrea a hair cut with pocket knife scissors. ;)


Me2 said...

It would be hard to imagine the transformation from your bedroom to this incredibly beautiful bathroom. And I love the views.

My children all knew I had designs on their rooms long before they moved out - Julie says I asked her to make room for some of my things BEFORE she left.

sjmiller said...

What a beautiful bathroom! Sorry it took your old room away. But, man... what a great bathroom!

I know all about siblings cutting hair! Ha ha! Yep, my kids have already done that!

Joanne said...

You almost made me cry! I was feeling so sad that I destroyed your happy childhood memories - until you FINALLY confessed after all these years to cutting Andrea's hair! Ha! Ok, we will think of you while we brush our teeth and think about you as a little preschooler, climbing high on top of the closet shelf taking your nap - where I couldn't find you! But there you were with your favorite blanket way up high, sound asleep!

Jared said...

Yeah, now that you mention it, it would be really weird to see "my space" in my parent's house completely changed.

Good to see a picture of the new look. Would love to see some more (Aunt Joanne).

Sarah said...

Wow! I guess if they are going to ruin your room they did a good job of making it pretty. Sorry, man.

Stefani M. said...

Congrats on your race and meeting your goal... c'mon, now where are the pictures?!