Sunday, August 3, 2008

When you move out

As the second child of five in a four bedroom house, I knew that my bedroom was spoken for before I even left for college by a younger sibling. I knew that when she left that the purpose of my room would be transformed perhaps to a scrap booking room or a guest bedroom, but I always thought of the space as my room. I never imagined the space where I carefully set up my Fischer-Price farm and spent hours devouring books would be transfigured into a bathroom.

However, it's an incredibly beautiful bathroom, so I guess it's an acceptable change. I just hope that every time my parents brush their teeth, they'll remember that they are standing in the spot where I kept my favorite things, where I tried (and failed) to dye my hair with kool-aide and where I carefully gave Andrea a hair cut with pocket knife scissors. ;)
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