Friday, September 26, 2008

Hoy es viernes

In my Spanish class at BYU, we sang a song at the beginning of class to help us practice our newly acquired language skills. One of the songs was Hoy es Lunes:

Hoy es lunes.
lunes - ejotes
Los que tengan hambre
Vengan a comer.

Today is Monday

Monday - green beans

Those who are hungry

Come and eat

Each verse had a different food item for each day of the week:

martes - spaghetti

miércoles- sopa

jueves - carne

viernes - mole

sábado – pollo

domingo – helado

Here's the new version based on my week:

Today is Monday
Monday - dead battery
Those who are handy
come and jump my car

Today is Tuesday
Tuesday- broken tire tools
Those who are handy
come and fix my bike

Today is Wednesday
Wednesday - relax
Those who are handy
come and take a break

Today is Thursday
Thursday - blow out
Those who are handy
come and fix my tires

Today is Friday
Friday - car accident
Those who are handy
come and check my car

When I talked with Brent on the phone yesterday, he told me I better be careful today. I was so careful: when the car ran the light, I carefully stopped. But the man behind me didn't. Fortunately my car and I emerged unscathed: no dents.


Stefani M. said...

Sounds like a bummer for transportation this week. You're walking to a friend's house? Be careful. I wouldn't want you to fall and sprain your ankle or anything. (I'm sure you'll be fine, but I wouldn't be surprised the way your week is going...)

Joanne said...

Ok, for next week you need to turn things around: use only tools of your trade, use your charge card on something other than your car, re-tire to bed early, wear comfortable flats to work and just jump rope at home for exercise! Glad you are ok!

grammyzanne said...

Good you can laugh about it all. Surely next week will be better. Glad you and your car are unscathed.

Jocelyn said...

I'm generally not superstitious nor do I usually allow myself to entertain thoughts of fear, but I'm a bit nervous about my bike ride tomorrow with my current transportation trend.

BTW, I made it back home from my walk without any injuries or mishaps. :)

Jocelyn said...

Today is Saturday
Saturday - two flat tires
Those who are prepared
come and lend me an inner tube

Amy said...

Hey Jocelyn! How are you doing? hope you don't mind me checking out your blog! Hope you're doing well!

Amy (Gunnerson) Smith