Friday, September 26, 2008

Hoy es viernes

In my Spanish class at BYU, we sang a song at the beginning of class to help us practice our newly acquired language skills. One of the songs was Hoy es Lunes:

Hoy es lunes.
lunes - ejotes
Los que tengan hambre
Vengan a comer.

Today is Monday

Monday - green beans

Those who are hungry

Come and eat

Each verse had a different food item for each day of the week:

martes - spaghetti

miércoles- sopa

jueves - carne

viernes - mole

sábado – pollo

domingo – helado

Here's the new version based on my week:

Today is Monday
Monday - dead battery
Those who are handy
come and jump my car

Today is Tuesday
Tuesday- broken tire tools
Those who are handy
come and fix my bike

Today is Wednesday
Wednesday - relax
Those who are handy
come and take a break

Today is Thursday
Thursday - blow out
Those who are handy
come and fix my tires

Today is Friday
Friday - car accident
Those who are handy
come and check my car

When I talked with Brent on the phone yesterday, he told me I better be careful today. I was so careful: when the car ran the light, I carefully stopped. But the man behind me didn't. Fortunately my car and I emerged unscathed: no dents.
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