Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whoa: The Music Stopped

Sunday was the first time I've played the piano to accompany singing in over 10 years. I thought that I was prepared after practicing many hours over the past 2 weeks; however, I was sorely disappointed when I realized that the children sing the songs about twice as fast as I had been practicing. I did my best mostly playing the treble cleft with an occasional base cleft note here and there. Double time doesn't give my brain much time to process chords or to move my fingers. I got us through the singing time. That's it.

I appreciate the supportive comments I received from others, but I wonder why so many adults have the need to exaggerate and almost lie when they give encouragement. Comments that I respect are grounded in truth. We're glad that you're here. You're so brave: I couldn't possibly play in front of people. You're better than nothing (okay no one actually said that I was better than nothing, but it was implied at one point). I know very well that I am not an amazing pianist nor that it sounded beautiful.

The best commentary on my performance came from an 11 year old boy: "Whoa, the music stopped."

I'm glad that there are still 7 weeks before the big program. Double time here I come.

Note: If you're bored, you can come over and ask me 20 questions while I practice. I need to learn how to carry on a conversation while playing the prelude and postlude.
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