Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I want to remember

Today marks the final end of a chapter in my life. My marriage is officially over today. As I close this era, I want to document some memories.

I want to remember the thrill of riding a motorcycle through canyons: leaning deep into the turns and accelerating around the corners.

I want to remember my animal friends from Sweets, my first pet rat, to Alex and Chester, the kittens that reminded me of how much I love cats.

I want to remember birthday celebrations like my surprise party at Chuck E. Cheese's, Emily's green St. Patty's day birthday party, and dual Halloween/birthday spectaculars: decorating the apartment to create an entirely different atmosphere and planning the details from the color of beverages to the flow of the soundtrack.

I want to remember the Halloween traditions of dreaming up and creating costumes: spending hours constructing the perfect hat or browsing through stores for just the right stockings.

I want to remember Hallie's amazing meals. She would prepare the most delicious feasts.

I want to write my own history and look back on those years with appreciation. My heart is full of gratitude for my dear friends who have helped me wade through this process. Thank you for being patient with me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I wish...

I wish that I could write like this: The Know-It-All and sing like this: My Pirate Heart.

Then I could tell my story with heart and emotion.

Thanks to Adrianna and The Exponent for the links.