Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bike ride views

I have found my passion: I love cycling. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I can hardly wait for the sun to rise on Saturdays so I can go for my ride. One of my favorite rides takes me through the orange groves in Riverside and along the Gage canal. Here are some pictures from a recent ride.


Sarah said...

That looks so wonderful! Nice way to escape and enjoy life for while. What kind of bike do you have? How far is your usual route?

I'm so glad I get to read your blog too! And don't worry. Your side of the room never bothered me as much as it did some people in our apartment. I say life requires messes sometimes.

Janet said...

I really enjoy cycling as well. I used to love to go on bike rides along the Bridal Veil Falls trail in Provo--from the lake all the way to the falls.

Now, I'm not in good enough shape and there just aren't the same trails to ride that are so close here. I even have a really nice bike to ride. Hmmm...sounds like a new year's resolution waiting to happen.

Jocelyn said...

I ride a Canondale road bike that my friend lent me. I'm hoping to upgrade this summer. I typically ride 20-30 miles at a time. Unfortunately my odometer is acting up, so I haven't been tracking my mileage lately. I need to check on the warranty...

Janet, that sounds like an excellent new year's resolution. I need to begin thinking of one for me. I'm considering recycling my goal from last year. I wanted to arrange 12 day trips throughout the year. My resolution went out the window with all my life style changes.

What's interesting is that I've met a gazillion other stereotypical new years resolutions:

I exercise 7-14 hours per week.

I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, & green/black tea.

I got rid of all my clutter (you have to when you move 2 times and rent a room).

I blog fairly regularly.


I consistently practice the piano 2-3 hours a week.

I think I deserve a gold star. lol

Andrea said...

Remind me why I don't live in California anymore... I love your pictures of the palm trees.

You definitely get a gold star.

Taylor said...

I miss riding outside, sigh.... off to get on the bike trainer. I wish I had more time to get on the bike. Love the pics!!!