Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The quest for a new soundtrack

Since I purged my iTunes library of the more angsty music that has been filling my ears for the last few years, I need to invest some time (and money) in developing a new score for my life. Last night I took the time to explore Pandora. (Yes, I'm WAY behind the times). I've been so dependent on others for music recommendations over the years. Discovering my own style is a new adventure for me.

Here's a few highlights from my first foray with Pandora.


Adri said...

I'm glad you discovered Pandora, it's a great resource in discovering new music. Look into as well, not so much for discovering new tunes, but playing music based on your mood. Also try or for learning about new artists. I've got accounts with both so if you find me I'll recommend some stuff for you!

Janet said...

Have fun with Pandora. I'm totally into Christmas music right now and have gone a little crazy :)