Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The elves are returning to the North Pole

FYI - Get your fill of the Robertson Family Elves as they are retiring on January 15th unless you want to buy them for $5.

Keep posted in the next few days for some great stories of minding my own business involving boys on scooters and principals running from my office. You may even get a lesson on how to teach your cat to be sweet, if you're lucky.


Adri said...

Ahh now I get it. I clicked the link directly pointing to your older post. You'd think I'd never seen a blog before!

Joanne said...

And I still have a few Christmas items just discovered and not yet packed away. Maybe the elves will return next Christmas. I am looking forward to new "Jocelyn" stories.

Jocelyn said...

After the elves retired for the summer, I realized I was disappointed that I hadn't forked over the $5 to preserve their memory. You can imagine how pleased I was this morning when I realized the videos were back online again! Woo hoo. This time I made some screen captures so even if they hibernate in the summer, we'll still have some pictures to jog our memories.

Joanne said...

Are you going to wait until Dec to post them? HA! HA!

Jocelyn said...

No, I was too excited. You can find them at
Some Holiday Festivities
and Merry Christmas to All
Enjoy! It's almost Christmas, right?