Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dancing ladies at the Bellagio

I know you were expecting something a bit more racy than Oncidium Orchids from the title .

While visiting Andrea in Henderson we happened upon a new friend. His name is Okapi. He's related to a giraffe and enjoys eating homemade pepperoni pizza, finding bargains at Nordstrom Rack, exercising early on Saturday mornings, exploring the Bellagio, and listening to Jack read Just So Stories. Okapi had so much fun visiting Andrea that instead of making the drive back to Riverside with me, he decided to stay with Aunt Andrea for a few weeks. He's missed deeply, but he said he's helping Andrea scan pictures.

Okapi is a bit bashful, so you can't see him in this picture with Tamara, Jack, Andrea, and me because he's hiding in my bag. We'll have to work on his camera shyness.
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