Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dancing ladies at the Bellagio

I know you were expecting something a bit more racy than Oncidium Orchids from the title .

While visiting Andrea in Henderson we happened upon a new friend. His name is Okapi. He's related to a giraffe and enjoys eating homemade pepperoni pizza, finding bargains at Nordstrom Rack, exercising early on Saturday mornings, exploring the Bellagio, and listening to Jack read Just So Stories. Okapi had so much fun visiting Andrea that instead of making the drive back to Riverside with me, he decided to stay with Aunt Andrea for a few weeks. He's missed deeply, but he said he's helping Andrea scan pictures.

Okapi is a bit bashful, so you can't see him in this picture with Tamara, Jack, Andrea, and me because he's hiding in my bag. We'll have to work on his camera shyness.


Grammyzanne said...

Delightful video - really does look like a musical dance number. Sounds like a fun weekend.
Looks like you've been too busy planning your future - "I'll be moving to Washington, D.C. in June" needs some explanation.

Sarah said...

Hey! We have one of those at the Denver zoo! We're going to go visit this month if you'd like some help getting a picture of your new friend's cousin. lol.

Tamara Robertson said...

Glad to hear Aunt Andrea's putting Okapi to work. Scan, scan, scan.

Joanne said...

That is the best picture of an okapi. Did you take if after you called to it, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty?"

Jocelyn said...

It's all clear now: the reason Okapi wouldn't come out of the bag for the picture was that we forgot to say "Here kitty, kitty." Duh! Thanks mom for the tip!

Since Okapi kept hiding for pictures, this picture is not my actual friend, but a very similar likeness from the San Diego Zoo.

Perhaps Aunt Andrea will be able to try this new strategy with Okapi and post a picture of Okapi helping her scan. They are both such hard workers!

Sarah, when you go to the Denver zoo, you'll need to remember my mother's animal photography secret. She swears that whenever you need an animal to look at you, you just have to call it like a cat. Then most animals cooperate by smiling (or at least looking your way). We've done quite a bit of extensive research on this theory, and it seems to be holding, at least for the animals at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego.

Andrea said...

Okapi is doing well here in Vegas. He was such a help scanning! I'll be sure to take some pictures to post!