Sunday, January 18, 2009

Excuse me

The other day I was going for my usual run along Victoria, minding my own business, of course, when I hear something behind me. Assuming it is a faster runner or a cyclist, I scoot over to the side of the path.

Excuse me. I hear the person much clearer this time and also the jangling of wheels. It must be a cyclist, so I scoot all the way off the trail thinking they must need more room.

Excuse me. This time I turn to see a kid (I’m guessing middle school age) on a scooter. He needs to know the time (probably because he’s supposed to be home by a curfew and the street lights are already on by now). I'm tempted to ask him if he went to speech and if he could ask me for the time again using the sounds he’s been practicing. He has some obvious articulation errors.

I tell him the time and start running on my way. Now, you’ll have to remember, my best beloved (yes, Jack, that's for you and Mr. Kipling), that he is on a scooter and I am 4 miles into a six mile run. I expect him to go his way since he now knows the time; however, that’s not what he expects. He is all set to have an in depth conversation with me about my training regimen while I jog along and he scoots right beside me.

I pick up the pace, and to my chagrin so does he. After a series of non answers, he finally gets the hint and scoots along to bother another poor runner who just wants to mind their own business.


Tamara Robertson said...

Isn't it funny how you look at everything with your vocational goggles. For me, instead of articulation, it's tripping on throw rugs or getting enough weight bearing activity/exercise. : )

Jack Turner said...

I often ride my own scooter all over campus. A couple semesters back I had a friend in one class who had to run from the class we shared all the way across campus to the same place I was going. He had to run the whole way to not be late, so we would have a conversation while he ran and I calmly scootered beside him.
Now I love running in the morning - with ankle weights - but I still prefer my scooter on campus.

Jocelyn said...

Those scooters became very popular when I was at BYU; however, the advisory committee decided that they weren't allowed on campus since they didn't have adequate brakes. They were lumped with skateboards and roller blades as banned forms of transportation. I've never actually ridden one. I think I'm missing out an a memorable experience. Perhaps on my next trip to Phoenix, I can try it out.

Jack Turner said...

Beaurocrats!! arghh! All the scooters I've seen have very adequate brakes, especially considering that you can just step off the scooter at any time to come to a complete and sudden stop.

Besides, if they ban skateboards, then that deprives us all of the memorable experience of seeing other guys thrown from their skateboard by a crack in the sidewalk. I saw this three times in one day once.