Sunday, February 8, 2009

A rose by any other name?

Well, here's the story:* I grew up in a family that was fairly adverse to nick names. My parents were very thoughtful about the names they chose for their children and wanted people to use the names that were carefully selected. So, growing up I was always Jocelyn /ɑsəlɪn/ with three syllables, not to be confused with Jozlin /ɑzlɪn/.

Somewhere along the line, my older sister started calling me Joc the Boss (pronounced with a /s/, not a /k/). While I stayed with her in the dorms during my high school easter vacation, she labeled my yogurt Joc. Her friend Ben came over and said who is "Jock?" This began a conversation that I've had for years, "no it's ʤɑs."

Finally, my friend Adri, kindly informed me that I need to start spelling it Joce if I want to use this nick name. I kicked and screamed for a little bit because I have an aversion to the derivative Jocie and I feared that people would pronounce it that way. However, as usual, Adri was right and Joce is now the current preferred nick name.

So moral of the story, you may call me Jocelyn or Joce, but I would prefer the discontinuance of Joc or Jozlin.

*This is the other way that I recount stories other than "there I was minding my own business."
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