Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's the spinach salads

A conversation with a 1st grader with /r/ difficulties:
1G: Miss Wobutson, yu ams look stwong. You've got lots of muscles

Me: Thank you, that's because I exercise and eat well. I really like riding my bike. Do you like to exercise?

1G: (with big eyes) Yep, we went to the pak the othu day and wode bikes. My mom is, um, a little bit big and wants to get, um, small, so we wode bikes.
Sure beats the conversation at Christmas time when a 2nd grade boy told me that I had a "Santa belly." I'll take Popeye arms over Santa belly any day!


Stefani M. said...

Hey, did you know that when I was elementary school, I went to speech therapy... for my r's. It was 3rd grade, I think. They tried to make me go again for my s's in fifth grade, but when I showed up for my first appointment, they realized it was because I had no front teeth! Haha! I got to go back to class then.

Maddie said...

Hey Jocelyn
Since this might be your last month's GNO, let me know what is the best day for you and we get things in motion! Congratulations on your job and moving plans! What a great opportunity!!!

Joanne said...

Was Mark Twain a speech therapist? He could really write dialects into his stories - just like you. Too funny. Go Popeye and be ready for your next triathlon!