Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a duathlete now

I'm having a hard time fitting this event into my typical archetype. Hmm. I've thought about using Brent's method and just let others tell my story seeing as I brought such great reporters with me. Dad experimented with real time blogging via texting: No Swim Today and Race Over. Andrea ended her 3 month blogging hiatus by cheering me on Go Jocelyn!. I couldn't have asked for a better support crew!

I'm pleased to announce that my family did not sleep through my event and that I had all my gear including my bicycle. I even remembered to wear my numbers and when I put my helmet on backwards, I immediately realized the problem and switched it around before getting on my bicycle.

Due to high winds that affected the kayaking crew, the swim portion was canceled for safety. After spending so much time training with J'lene in the pool, I was disapointed. However, I think my mom was more upset than I was. It just means that I definitely want to do another race this summer so I can say that I've actually completed an Olympic length triathlon.

Canceling the swim, disturbed the race vibe. The run was very quiet as we tried to keep our footing through the hilly red silt. As I got on the bike, I was still surprised to see that there just wasn't much talk between athletes and the spectators seemed to only be cheering for their own triathletes. Triathlons are supposed to be energetic and supportive, so I started cheering people on as we climbed The HILL (6% grade). It sure made the rest of the race a lot more fun. I even got the spectators to cheer for me as I came through the final leg of the run.

Come on, we all know I do triathlons so I can have strangers yell Woohoo, finish strong #775! You're awesome!!! Perhaps if I had more cheering in my life, I wouldn't feel the need to race. Maybe I should have my IEP team members cheer for each other at our meetings. Way to write that summary!!! Your goals are TOTALLY measurable and right on target! Finish strong! You're AWESOME!!! Woohoo! Next time my principal starts to fall asleep, we'll see what happens.

I finished the race well under my target time (target for bike and run 3:00, actual 2:52); however, I think my target time was a bit too achievable. I'll have to set a higher goal next time.
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