Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A purrfect week

I think I may be turning into a cat...

Last week while my friend and hairstylist was texturizing my hair she commented on the process of thinning out the extra weight: "It's like brushing a cat: you keep combing and combing and you never quite get all the hair." Hmmm.

This weekend I had the privilege of visiting Tamara and Jack in Phoenix. Here's what happened when I was getting ready:

Oh, shoot. I forgot my comb, again. Hmm. How fortunate, Tamara has a comb right here on the bathroom counter. I'm sure she won't mind if I use it. How strange. This comb looks like a texturizing comb with an embedded raiser. It can't be. Why would Tamara have a texturizing comb in her bathroom. Well, just to be safe, I'm going to use the other end. Hmm.

Several hours later while shaving the cat...
Tamara: Sammy just sheds like crazy. We recently bought a texturizing comb to thin out his hair so he won't shed so much.
Jocelyn: Well, now I know why Tamara has a texturizing comb. There's nothing like sharing a comb with a cat! Yuck! Lesson learned: bring your own comb.
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