Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raindrops keep falling, part two

Some of you may remember the last time I blogged about "raindrops." Well, I had another incident, but this time I was minding my own business (just not very well).

In an attempt to be frugal and green, I decided to solely use public transportation when I visited the DC area to hunt for housing and square away job details. I went to and planned my metro commute to New Teacher Orientation allowing myself a comfortable time cushion. Everything was going so smoothly, until I found myself at the Pentagon Blue Line stop when I should have been on the Orange line.

Somehow I missed that I needed to pay attention to which train I was getting on at Metro Center as the blue and orange lines share a track. I wasn't concerned because I had allowed myself a comfortable time cushion, right? Right. However, when I got off the metro and walked to the bus stop, I realized that I hadn't thought my comfortable time cushion all the way through.

My bus only ran once every hour, and I had just missed it. Bummer. So, I decided to walk. I walked and walked and walked. Then I started to get a bit nervous. What if I was walking the wrong direction? So I called Chelsea and she found my nearest intersection on the map and assured me that I was less than half a mile from my destination. What a relief.

I walked just a bit further and was pleased to see the familiar building. Walking in just 10 minutes later than I had hoped to be there (but still on time - thanks to that comfortable time cushion), I was "glistening" from my brisk walk on a warm, humid, summer day in Virginia. I quickly made a bee line to the restroom to freshen up before I checked in for my orientation.

I signed in, found my name tag, and stood in line to turn in my paperwork. As I got to the front of the line and handed my 2 forms of identification to the HR employee, I heard a raindrop fall from my face right onto my name tag. Yes, my name ran a little bit.

Post script:
I was successful in finding a place to call home. I took a few pictures, but I should have taken more. Here are a few so you can imagine where I'll be writing from in just over a month.


Joanne said...

Maybe I'll knit you a wool sweatband like I did for my dad for father's day one year - oooh itchy, itchy.

Jocelyn said...

That's classic, Mom. I love it! My birthday's coming up. (hint, hint)

Stefani M. said...

Thanks for including the floorplan... I love those.

Quentin has that same raindrop problem when he works out in the morning (P90X)... since he only takes like 10 minutes to get ready after... sometimes his head will be still drippy as he's leaving the house. (I promise, he took a shower, but just hasn't cooled off all the way!)

Jocelyn said...

To clear up some confusion:
I'll be sharing a four bedroom townhouse with 3 other LDS women. Also, I drew the floor plan of the master bedroom using a free website from my memory, so the dimensions aren't accurate.

Grammyzanne said...

Looks like a very comfortable place to live. Love the bedroom.