Thursday, July 23, 2009

A conversation back-up plan

I likes things planned. I like to know what I'll be talking about with someone. So, when I realized that I would be driving with my wonderful grandmother for 11 hours to Utah, I got a little nervous. I could only plan 2 hours of conversation. So, I asked for some help from my Facebook friends. They all gave excellent advice for things to entertain us from This American Life, audible, and Sinatra music. So I set up playlists on my iPod with books on CD from the library, Frank Sinatra music, and NPR podcasts. I was worried for absolutely no reason. My grandma, who is quite the story teller, reminded me that when you have a senior citizen around, they always have a story for everything. She has a story about emergency call boxes, United moving trucks, Harmon's grocery stores.... I never even felt the need to pull out my trusty iPod until I dropped her off at my cousins. As I went to select a book on CD, I realized that my iPod hadn't updated and all I had were songs from the Children's Primary Songbook.


Michael said...

Sounds like you had a great time visiting. Always good to hear stories from Grandma.

Melanie said...

Make sure to write down or record those storied! My grandma was also a perpetual story teller, but I never recorded her stories. What great pieces of family history lost! Luckily she repeated them enough that most of us still remember the details.