Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Alternate Route

Are you lost if you can find yourself on the map? Brent and I had a little bit of difficulty getting home from the Huntington Metro station. What should have been a 5 mile trip turned into a 14 mile comedy of errors.

What we should have done (but that would have been boring!):

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What we actually did:

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Joanne said...

Amazing you could find yourself on a map at any time of this ordeal! So how long did your 14 mile "alternate route" take?

Janet said...

Ahh the joys of finding your way around a new place. Though sometimes you make the best discoveries on the detours.

Stefani M. said...

We had that experience a month ago going somewhere in McKinney... and we had google mapped it, brought the directions with us, it took us to the wrong place, we drove around in circles a bunch and finally found our destination. Not as much fun with two kids in the car and no AC.

Adri said...

So much for your streak of great directions & navigation skills! What an adventure though :)

Nicole said...

Do you live near Franconia and Van Dorn? Tia lived in Rose Hill and went to church at that church building, so I know exactly where that is! I had to drive myself there when I went and watched her kids for her. Sorry you got so lost...that place can be so confusing! They had to give me explicit instructions!