Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas California any more

While Adrianna, Brent and I were checking out Fort McHenry, we stopped for a picnic lunch in the grassy park overlooking the bay. Unfortunately there was only one bench in the shade and it had someone on it already. We decided that he could share. Expecting to just share the bench and not much more than that, we asked if we could sit there. Turns out that in Baltimore, if you share a bench you also share a conversation. Our fellow bench sitter was surprisingly happy to talk away his lunch break with us.


Adri said...

Wasn't it refreshing to have a nice conversation with a stranger and have people walking on the path say hello as they passed!? Californians need to wake up and smell the humanity!

Grammyzanne said...

Who said the East was unfriendly? Guess they were wrong.

I remember going to Fort McHenry on our three week cross-country trip. I have vague memories of the stop - I was impressed that that Fort and it's battle with the British inspired the writing of what became our National Anthem. It has always made the Anthem more meaningful to me. Nice to see the pictures and get the "oh that looks a bit familiar" feeling.

Adri said...

Can you tell me how you uploaded the photos for your slideshow? I'd love to add my pictures of Fort McHenry to yours and post them all on my blog too. Should I just send them all to you?

Jocelyn said...

Adri, I've started using Windows Live Writer to do my blogging. I LOVE the interface as it gives me more control at the click of a button than blogger. You can download it at

Yes, please send me your pictures and I can add them in.