Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some people like to make life a little tougher than it is

The lyrics to a favorite Cake song keep running through my head

Some people* like to make life
A little tougher than it is

So, Monday I realized that I could move. I thought about it and decided Monday afternoon to put the ball in motion. Amazingly, everything fell into place quite nicely in less than 24 hours. Now I have just over a week to move. It’s a good thing I hadn’t finished unpacking.

Everyone keeps asking me why, and I don’t really have a good answer. There are pros and cons. It just felt right and it goes along with my recurring theme of making life a littler tougher than it is.

I’ll be living with a friend from my ward in a basement apartment close to work. The place is beautiful and has a great yard. I’ll post pics once I’m moved in.

*some people=Jocelyn

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

You’re looking for me?

Last Sunday, towards the end of Relief Society, a member of the bishopric came into the room. The RS president asked if he had anything he wanted to share and he indicated, No he was just looking for someone. Knowing that I have a calling and am new to the ward, I was certain it wasn’t me. I packed up my things and prepared to slip out the back door, when he comes up to me and asks if I have a minute. It takes me a moment to process and realize: he was looking for ME. I jokingly tell him, you know I already have a calling, you’re probably really looking for someone else. He laughed and stated Oh you have no idea, do you. So, he asked me to speak in sacrament meeting today.

At my sister’s request, I’m sharing my talk here as a Google Document. Well, what I would have liked to have said if I had been able to use more time. Unfortunately I had to do some editing at the pulpit to allow the second speaker some time.

Thank you to everyone who sent me their thoughts, prayers, calls, and texts. I could feel your love and encouragement.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lions, and tigers, and bears?

Well at least that was the hope. Dantzel and I headed to the National Zoo RIGHT after work in attempts to take in some zoological beauty. Since the zoo didn’t close until 6pm, we thought arriving by 4pm would allot enough time for some wild animals. However, most of the four legged creatures were already taken off exhibit for the evening.

We enjoyed the walk and were quite entertained by the elephants, pandas (which we eventually found in their indoor enclosure), and meerkats.


elephant trunk

water plants 1
water plants 2

Stories my officemate may tell

Order and Structure were Just Beginning to Emerge

Ken Fandell
color photograph / archival ink on paper
13” x 19”






So apparently my officemate is convinced I have OCD. Here are a few samplings of things she’s said (in love and jest) since we’ve met.

Oh, Jocelyn, you want things to look so nice and they’re just not.

I’ve been in this office for 4 years and never noticed the cabinets leaned.

I was telling my roommate about you: what did I say? Oh, you are so planned ahead. You have the next 3 weekends planned already.

Your books are stacked by subject!

Despite my compulsions for order and beauty embodied in a world free of clutter, my officemate and I get along quite well. Her cheerful grin and calming advice keep the tone light and uplifting while we chip away at the daily tasks of documentation, scheduling, and honoring IEPs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new look

Ever since I moved to VA, my blog has felt dated and stale. So I gave it a makeover this week. Say goodbye to flowers and cutesy

Fullscreen capture 992009 110220 PM.bmp

and hello elegant via blogmundi and bloggerbuster.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

People will forget…

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel.
-Maya Angelou

This evening I found myself completely enthralled while soaking in Ken Fandell’s explorations about the process of creating his art and defining significance. My brain was making a gazillion connections about my life and the processes that I’ve contemplated and studied.

The bag, calendar, and notepad that were sadly left at homeI went to grab my trusty notebook to jot down the thoughts that jumbled around in my mind, only to remember that I had decided to “pack light” and left the house with just my phone, wallet and keys. How could I go to an artists talk at a gallery without my trusty recorders: notepad, pen, and camera?

The concepts of his art touched my soul and invigorated my mind. He talked about ideas of communication and context. He spoke about finding significance in the mundane. I felt connected to humanity as he spoke and I left the lecture completely electrified.

Here is a piece entitled Evermore inspired by the photographs from the Hubble telescope.


This was one of my favorites that he showed during the lecture. It deals with the concept of narcissism and infinity. He compared his sending a picture of himself to a friend with what would happen if the Hubble telescope just took pictures of itself.  While there is a place for introspection, we need to step out of our personal criticism and self centered view in order to focus on the magnitude and beauty that can be found outside ourselves.

The next piece is the video he used to open the lecture. Originally he titled it It’s Hard, but after a friend pointed out that he should have been using a toothpick, it was renamed It’s Hard and I Could Use Some Help.

Its Hard and I Could Use Some Help 

I loved his description of the thoughts behind this piece and the transformation of meaning based on context. I wish that I could remember everything he said, but I’m just left with the emotions I felt while listening to him speak about the processes he’s exploring.

I love the idea of process. We are all going through our own processes to become who we are and who we will be.

Kudos to my friend Kaysha Gurell for her great post on DCist, to the Hamiltonian Gallery for hosting an enriching evening, and to Dantzel for humoring my need for art on a Wednesday night in DC.