Friday, September 11, 2009

Stories my officemate may tell

Order and Structure were Just Beginning to Emerge

Ken Fandell
color photograph / archival ink on paper
13” x 19”






So apparently my officemate is convinced I have OCD. Here are a few samplings of things she’s said (in love and jest) since we’ve met.

Oh, Jocelyn, you want things to look so nice and they’re just not.

I’ve been in this office for 4 years and never noticed the cabinets leaned.

I was telling my roommate about you: what did I say? Oh, you are so planned ahead. You have the next 3 weekends planned already.

Your books are stacked by subject!

Despite my compulsions for order and beauty embodied in a world free of clutter, my officemate and I get along quite well. Her cheerful grin and calming advice keep the tone light and uplifting while we chip away at the daily tasks of documentation, scheduling, and honoring IEPs.


Grammyzanne said...

Seems reasonable to me. Really like the photograph.

Adri said...

Those cabinets are so crooked how could she not notice! Gah! I'm just as planning/oraganization oriented as you so I fully understand :) By the way you should see my room! It has a floor!

Joanne said...

I'm anxious to see the new and improved room with your new pictures on the wall, the books neatly organized and something pushed under the filing cabinet to make it straight! It sounds like you are making your home away from home more cheery - both you and your office mate will enjoy!

Jocelyn said...

Aunt Suzanne - That photograph is by my new favorite artist.

Adri - Your room has a floor!!! Pics or it didn't happen! We're very much the same where we insist on organization in our lives except in our bedrooms.

Mom - Me too! I wish that I lived closer so I could enlist your help. I haven't even started on my bulletin board yet, but I think I'll start this week.

Geneva said...

IEPs. I know they have a use, but sometimes I think the devil takes over on any government document that spans more than 10 pages.