Monday, November 2, 2009

It's all in the eye of the beholder

So there I was minding my own business, running to the post office before it closes on a Monday evening to send off my application for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It was supposed to be post marked no later than November 1st, but I hadn’t decided to apply until October 28th and it required a Bishop’s interview. Eek! So, at my boyfriend’s suggestion, I decided to send it priority mail.

Here’s the conversation that transpired at the end of the transaction that makes me shake my head (and yes, I’m in VA where when you go to the post office you have a LONG conversation about what you’re mailing):

(Click on the comic strip to make it larger)

Silly things Jocelyn says

As I walk out the door I hear him reiterating “Running totally counts.”

I guess I feel like I don’t work out anymore since I’m not following a training plan, I don’t lift weights, and I haven’t been to a gym for months. However, when you consider I rode 42 miles this weekend and jogged 15 miles last week, I guess that most people would say that I work out.


Stefani M. said...

Um, yes, that's working out, Jocelyn. Heck, I consider it working out when I walk with the kids in the double stroller, so I think 42 and 15 miles definitely count. (Biking and running are both awesome aerobic exercise.)

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That's funny. I love your comic. Running counts for running. Are you missing your strength training?

Andrea said...

That's funny! Maybe running is just not as fulfilling and so that's why it doesn't count? I haven't even been doing my running in the morning and now that I'm on track break I'm sick. Hopefully next week I can get back into my exercise routine!

Kathy said...

My friend was in the pageant this past summer. She loved it!

Melanie said...

Wait, hold up a minute - boyfriend?! We need to get together to talk!

When I first started running I could only run inside on a treadmill. I needed it to be totally flat and I needed to know exactly how far I'd gone (and thus, when I could stop). I've since gotten used to running outdoors, but now that it's cold and dark I'm back at the gym . . .and I hate it. I can barely make myself do three miles on the treadmill. What's the name of that book that talks about swimming technique? Maybe I'll take up swimming this winter.

Hill Cumorah pageant this summer - sounds so fun! I've never seen it and I've never seen Niagara Falls, so I'll definitely have to make the trip this next year.