Monday, December 21, 2009

A new endurance sport

There I was minding my own business on a Saturday morning, when I looked out my window and saw this:


That’s a lot of snow, especially for a Californian. Since this is my first East Coast winter, and I’m still quite excited about the idea of snow, I thought it would be a stellar idea to commence the day with shoveling. I’ve been told that it’s best if you keep up on the snow clearing instead of waiting for it to grow into an insurmountable task.


I found the shovel and began to attack the driveway with all the vigor and vim I could muster. I was delighted to find that even though I couldn’t make it to the gym, I was still going to get an amazing full body workout.IMG_0644

Brandie joined me. We worked and worked and worked.


Then a voice came from the window. The voice indicated that we could keep shoveling if we were having fun, but there was a snow blower that the voice would be using later.

Since I’m a succor for endurance activities that challenge my physical capacities, I responded that I was having fun and continued to shovel. Brandie’s enthusiasm waned (she has a lot more snow shoveling experiences on her resume being from Utah and all). Mine eventually waned, too.

Sunday morning there was rumor that the snow blower needed some repair. Brandie, Dantzel, and I suited back up for our snow shoveling task and began working away. The voice came again, oh the High Priest Group Leader would be coming over to help repair the snow blower. With hopeful, but doubtful hearts we dug for a bit longer and then went in for hot chocolate and lunch.

Said HPGL came over, but was unable to fix said snow blower. Brandie and I headed out again as the sun began to set to tackle the driveway. Our hope was that we could clear the snow before it iced.

The voice came again. No one has to go to work tomorrow. We’ll all work on it in the morning. The driveway will get icy if we shovel it now.

It’s morning. No one is shoveling. There is ice in the driveway. I don’t have to go anywhere until Thursday morning. Perhaps the snow blower will get fixed before then. Hmm. My back muscles have that energized feeling after a grueling, yet satisfying workout. I’m content blogging, baking, and playing scrabble.


Stefani M. said...

At first when I saw the title of the post, I was wondering if this "new endurance sport" was going to have anything to do with your current relationship. LOL Great way to get exercise!

Melanie said...

So that's why my back hurts today! I seriously thought it was from my lack of activity (minus some shoveling) all weekend.

Sarah said...

I completely agree that shoveling is a whole body workout! I'm glad you're out there in the middle of it!

Geevz said...

hooray for vim usage :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh, Stefani! You're going to make me blush.

We managed to finish the driveway despite the frequent suggestion that the snowblower might be fixed soon.

I can feel every muscle in my back. It's AWESOME!

The Atomic Mom said...

I once lost 12#s in one day shoveling snow. And yes, if you can shovel as it falls it makes the whole business better.

As for the fasicination with snow, that will end by the end of January, I promise.

james.brinton said...

scrabble? baking? snow? sounds magical

Jocelyn said...

Magical is the perfect word.