Friday, January 22, 2010

The power of language

This week I met a kind, well spoken man who taught me how changing the word struggle to experience can morph your perspective. I struggle with anxiety becomes I experience anxiety. No longer do I have to fight and wrestle with anxiety. I can feel it. I can observe it. I can identify it. I can learn from it. When my anxiety is strong, it does not mean I am weak.

Googol to one



I think I had this conversation last week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slightly recycled

I spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday. I know you’re thinking, didn’t she just speak in sacrament meeting recently. Well, I was thinking that, too. However, that’s what I get for changing wards so frequently.

Because I know that you all would have come and heard me speak had you been within driving distance, I’ll share it here for your reading pleasure. It’s slightly recycled from my last talk. I was asked to speak on President Monson’s Talk: What Have I Done for Someone Today.

Do What You Fear Most

It took all my self restraint not to include references to Ken Fandell’s work. So I’ll include it now:

Mr. Fandell was having difficulty coming up with art. Instead of being productive, he got distracted by a picture from his marathon. He found himself in the picture, enlarged it, and sent it to his friend.

I Swear to God That's Me

Then he realized how silly this was. Here he is, supposed to be creating something meaningful with his time and energy, but instead he focuses on himself and gets this pixilated picture that doesn’t mean anything. He decided it must be the most insignificant picture.

Then he thought. Hmm, what’s the most significant picture? He did a Google search and came up with the pictures from the Hubble telescope. You’ve seen them before: those breathtaking images of space.

Spiral Galaxy

Then he said, what would have happened if the Hubble telescope had decided to just transmit pictures of itself instead of creating art?


What would we have missed out on? So it is with our lives, if we spend our time focusing on ourselves and our inadequacies, we’ll miss out on becoming AMAZING.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

I know you’re supposed to have your list compiled much closer to the new year, but it’s still January so here’s my list, in no particular order:

1. Train for and compete in a half marathon

2. Attend a stuttering convention

3. Read Of Mice and Men

4. Swim in the Potomac

5. Complete an Interfaith challenge by attending 6 churches of different faiths

6. Read the Old Testament

7. Go camping

8. Grow some vegetables

9. Successfully grow beautiful plants in my terrarium

10. Create a piece of art

Monday, January 11, 2010

A very Okapi Christmas

Okapi enjoyed his trip to San Diego. We have pictures to prove it:



Bet you didn’t know that Okapi LOVE eggnog. Especially if it’s made with love by Jack and Tamara.

IMG_0680  IMG_0690

Okapi asked if he could help make breakfast, but he was told that the biggest help would be to set the table. IMG_0681

Okapi thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Swedish tea ring.


He was so pleased that Grandma came over to enjoy Christmas morning.

IMG_0684  IMG_0686  

Wow what generous and thoughtful gifts. He wonders WHAT COULD BE IN THOSE CLEVER BAGS!!! He get’s a bit excited sometimes.

Okapi remembered the meaning of Christmas and honored the Christ child. He loves nativities.

IMG_0685 IMG_0691 IMG_0692

He was quite impressed by the Christmas tree.

IMG_0693 IMG_0689

Okapi enjoyed playing Christmas songs. He wishes that he had better dexterity.


Okapi and I love the jean quilt!    IMG_0710 IMG_0711