Thursday, March 18, 2010

My catch phrase

Brandie: Um, Jocelyn, I used your phrase.

Jocelyn: *with puzzled expression* Many hands make light work?

Brandie: No, “Sometimes I don’t make very good decisions.”

That’s not exactly the phrase I want to be known for, but hey, Brandie had certainly pulled a “Jocelyn” and filled her pot on the stove too full of quinoa and vegetables.

Last week I had a cookie fiasco that prompted: “Sometimes I don’t make very good decisions” but resulted in a delicious gallon zip lock bag full of chocolate chip cookie mound. Some poor judgment calls are still delicious, even if they’re not quite presentable.


Sarah said...

lol. please let her know she's not the only one who has had quinoa troubles. (:

Joanne said...

And to think that we think we have learned from our not very good decisions! How many times have I tried to stuff leftovers into a container too small (just barely) but overflow and make a big mess? Too many times to count!