Saturday, April 24, 2010

The intermittent letter

I have a slight *roblem with my cell *hone. One of the letters has decided that it will only work about 20% of the time. Last time I had my *hone re*laced by Verizon, the lady informed me that I really shouldn’t have been eligible for a courtesy re*lacement. So, I’ll just wait.


There I was minding my own business one Saturday evening. Busily texting my friend, I was chagrined that the letter was not working. In frustration I exclaimed, “Uggh! My * does not work! Well, it works intermittently. Why is my * broken?” My com*anions thought that was hilarious, and they have done their best to s*read the story about how my *ee doesn’t work. There’s nothing quite like bathroom humor to make us giggle. I am much more careful now and try my best to include the *refface: my letter * doesn’t work.

I have become quite ade*t at re*hrasing messages so that they do not include the letter *, as it gets quite cumbersome trying to ex*lain in less than 160 characters that my * is broken.


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Haha! Thanks for the great laugh :)