Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime with Okapi and Andrea


Okapi and the Washington Monument

Okapi at the Lincoln Memorial

Okapi, Andrea, and Cherry Blossoms

It was delightful to have Andrea spend some time with me during spring break.


Joanne said...

Did Okapi refrain from eating the cherry blossoms - they are so beautiful. Great time for a visit!

Geevz said...

I thought it was real in the first picture :)

Andrea said...

Okapi did refrain from eating blossoms, but was unable to refrain from swimming in the pool by the monuments:)

Jocelyn said...

It took all of Okapi's self control not to nibble at the foliage, but he didn't want to get fined for picking the blossoms. It's quite a hefty fine, you know (and Okapi is unemployed).

Jocelyn said...

The swim in the reflecting pool was refreshing; however, a bit treacherous. Who know there would be such a current in water that appeared to be quite stagnant.