Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The bite

zombie dog

Image by Hugh Rose AKA DRED (ReadersWives Collective)

Zombies have been the buzz here in Fairfax following Tommy’s zombie themed birthday party/tag game. I did not attend, but 98% of my friends did, so I have been involved in the zombie themed conversations that this event sparked.

It was only natural that my first thought as the golden retriever clamped down on my forearm with his jaws on Monday was Too bad I can’t be like Spider Man and get some crazy cool abilities out of this bite. Instead I just got a gnarly bruise and sympathy points from friends and coworkers…or so I thought.

Little did I know that this dog was part of the legion of undead my friends had been running from on Saturday. My zombie transformation has been happening slowly, almost unnoticeably. My first symptom was staring blankly at my calendar yesterday for long periods of time, followed by walking to the main office but having no clue why I was there. I had been attributing this behavior to my lack of sleep as I told myself that 5-6 hours a night was really not enough.

However, today the pieces of the puzzle began to shift into place as I motored through my morning routine mindlessly. Standing at the side of the pool in a daze, I realized the cause of my zombie-like behavior as images from 28 Days Later and Resident Evil flashed through my head along with the memory of the dog chomping my arm playing on a continuous loop in my mind.

I am embracing my inner zombie and have come to the conclusion that zombies can operate just fine on 5-6 hours of sleep. I really do not need to change my schedule, as long as I’m fine with living life undead.


Geevz said...

You know acceptance is the first step. I'm glad that you are making progress. If you ever need someone to shoot you so you don't start cannibalizing humans, I'd do it for you. I know you are going to be triathloning it up, but I'm going to be in DC 16th, 17th, and 18th. Staying at your house :) Unless you've moved already.

Jocelyn said...

Geevz you're such a good friend. You should be sure to include your willingness to exterminate zombie friends on your friend-resume.

Sarah said...

Love it. You are a great writer. Have you ever thought of having your Facebook profile automatically add your blog posts?

Jack Turner said...

Here is my favorite zombie song. People who work in offices will know how true it is.

Jocelyn said...

Jack - that made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing the post!