Friday, May 28, 2010

Calvin and I are tight

Here is the conversation that transpired while visiting teaching this month:

Me: Do you read comics?

Carly: Yes, I love Zits. I can always relate. Haha.

Me: I can see that. They’re pretty funny. I should add Zits to my list: I haven’t read them in years. I love to read Calvin and Hobbes. I completely relate to Calvin. I’m totally that kid who’s off daydreaming about starships and dinosaurs.

Carly: Yeah, you just need a giant stuffed animal that talks to you.

Me: Does a miniature, plastic animal work in a pinch?

Carly: *Rolls her eyes* I can’t believe you carry that toy around with you everywhere.

Me: He’s actually on top of the fridge right now.

Carly obviously does not understand my relationship with Okapi.

My BFF @ the baseball game (don't tell Whitney, she might get jealous)


Joseph H said...

You know what you need to do... Go purchase like 2 or 3 more Okapi.... hide them around the kitchen... like in the pinapple and such.. and have them all facing the kitchen table... and then when anyone, not just carly, says,

"I can't believe you carry that toy around everywhere with you."

You can then respond and say, "careful... they're all watching us", followed by pointing to them in the hiding spots :D

Jocelyn said...

This was emailed to me today by a friend:

"Sometimes I am not sure if the Okapi fixation is a long lasting joke gone wrong or a really unhealthy fixation ;) Either way I do find it comical and encourage you as long as you do not have any violent tendencies towards those who are disparaging lol... Carly is entitled to her opinion."

Dee said...

I have a the other day I was minding my own business and just eating my breakfast. All of the sudden I had the urge to look up. There he was just staring at me. I felt surprisingly uncomfortable...hmmm. It's true..."they're watching me."

Jack Turner said...

I may be utterly wrong, but I feel like I understand the Okapi thing perfectly. It is endlessly amusing in a private joke kind of way, yet simple enough that most people shouldn't really feel like they're on the outside of an inside joke.