Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good friends ruin all your fun, part II

Little Red Suitcase

Photo Credit: Little Red Suitcase via MySpace

As I am thoroughly enjoying the concert…I hear a murmur from my side…um Jocelyn…people are starting to look at you. Yes, I noticed that too, but the girls are just too delightfully funny for me to laugh quietly.

Continue enjoying the concert. Don’t stop and write a blog post….They looked and smiled. They didn’t look and judge.

It’s official: the Hamiltonian is my new favorite place to frequent. (Yes, you’ll notice that I’ve been there two nights in a row now and am contemplating going again next week.) Tonight my group of friends was introduced to Danish Jazz as exemplified by Little Red Suitcase who were delightfully humorous with their randomness. I felt like we would have been best friends when we were kids.

I was a bit disappointed with the crowd. I don’t think they understood that the girls were joking and that the audience was supposed to laugh. In fact Elena had to tell the audience that their music is infused with humor. They still didn’t laugh, but I did.

I bought their CD.  I’m a fan. Checkout their music:

> Corriendo
> What a Wonderful World
> La vie est belle à Paris
> Together they were fearless

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Joanne said...

How did the Danish group get their name? Must be a good story. Sounds fun.