Sunday, August 22, 2010

A search for loneliness brought peace

When I searched flickr for a picture for my blog post about the fear of loneliness, I found images that encapsulated peace and contemplation rather than the anxiety of being lonely. Hopefully my private escape designed to explore solitude will bring similar results of peace and clarity. I welcome the poetic parallel.

You Are Sunshine, You Are Rain by Ben Heine

You Are Sunshine, You Are Rain by Ben Heine via flickr


Another Place

Another Place by Deepinon via flickr

Welcome to Wadi Rum...(...Back from Jordan!!)

Welcome to Wadi Rum…(…Back from Jordan!!) by Marcelo Ruiz via flickr

Man Jogging

Man Jogging by back to menu via flickr

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Janet said...

This post and your other post about "I'm All Out of Love" (Sorry, I still like that song--it's too tied up with all those histrionic adolescent memories) reminded me of another song by REO Speedwagon that I also like, "Keep Pushin."

I used to be lonely,
Til I learned about livin' alone.
Now I've found other things to keep my mind on.
And I'm getting to know myself a little bit better, yeah.
I keep pushin', keep pushin' on.

You should check it out.