Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad habits

Sometimes our careers foster bad habits. As a side effect of working as a speech language pathologist, I have developed the bad habit of laughing at my own jokes. It’s really a result of trying to teach elementary school students elements of humor. Each week I post a joke on my window. They are cheesy and are often based on multiple meaning words or puns. I have the pleasure of sharing the joke with 60 kids each week. They have mixed reactions, but I always laugh (each time). Usually I explain why it’s funny and how it works as a joke. I get excited when a kid laughs. I get really excited when a kid explains why it’s a joke.

Now I laugh too hard at my own jokes in the real world, which isn’t really socially appropriate. But, hey, it’s honest. Life is funny (especially my life). Laugh!

Q:What grows down when it grows up?

A: A goose!

Q: Why won’t bicycles stand up by themselves?

A: They’re two tired!

Q: What weather did the doughnut predict?

A: There will be lots of sprinkles!

rambouillet harfang hilare 130705 by Jean Yves et francis

Photo by koller93

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crickets Chirping

There I was minding my own business...

The cricket by William Cho 

Photo by williamcho

For some reason, I really have been minding my own business lately. I go to work on time. I ride my bicycle on the weekends. I participate in a book group. I go to church. I pay my bills on time. I somehow managed to live a month without much drama.

My mom sent me an email because she wanted to make sure I was all right since I hadn’t been tweeting. A few weeks later she called concerned because I hadn’t shared any fun stories on my blog. I told her I had finally figured out how to mind my own business without getting into car accidents, putting my foot in my mouth, or being completely ridiculous. She laughed. I don’t think she believed me.

Really, I’ve just been busy adjusting to my new work assignment. With all my creative juices going toward creating schedules, learning names, memorizing goals, and trying to stay on top of paperwork, I haven’t had the need to stir the pot in other arenas. Don’t worry, I’ve been busy this last week. Mischief and meddling have commenced, just ask Whitney.

Friday, October 15, 2010

You may have noticed

The school year started and my blog posting stopped.

Learning new skills - Peanuts Style

Untangling is well underway, which means more blog posts soon. :)