Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad habits

Sometimes our careers foster bad habits. As a side effect of working as a speech language pathologist, I have developed the bad habit of laughing at my own jokes. It’s really a result of trying to teach elementary school students elements of humor. Each week I post a joke on my window. They are cheesy and are often based on multiple meaning words or puns. I have the pleasure of sharing the joke with 60 kids each week. They have mixed reactions, but I always laugh (each time). Usually I explain why it’s funny and how it works as a joke. I get excited when a kid laughs. I get really excited when a kid explains why it’s a joke.

Now I laugh too hard at my own jokes in the real world, which isn’t really socially appropriate. But, hey, it’s honest. Life is funny (especially my life). Laugh!

Q:What grows down when it grows up?

A: A goose!

Q: Why won’t bicycles stand up by themselves?

A: They’re two tired!

Q: What weather did the doughnut predict?

A: There will be lots of sprinkles!

rambouillet harfang hilare 130705 by Jean Yves et francis

Photo by koller93


Stefani M. said...

Haley made up her first joke a few weeks ago. What do beavers eat for lunch? Macaroni and trees!

Debbie said...

A wonderful and hilarious HS science teacher told me recently, that punsters and jokers actually pun and joke for themselves first and foremost becuase THEY think it's funny. Not a bad habit at all Jocelyn, actually I think it's rather creative of you. Not only do you break the ice, you are encouraging reading and language skills! To understand double meanings and word substitutions takes training.

Grammyzanne said...

Those could have come right out of "Boys' Life" - I rather miss "Cub Scout Humor" as Richard calls it. Thanks for sharing.

And speaking of habits - I still tend to greet people with "Good Morning" ANY time of day thanks to Mr. Lawson. At least people know you thought your joke was funny - me, they just wonder about.

Joanne said...

I like the corny jokes, they make me smile (not laugh out loud, however). I think it's great you are teaching your students about jokes. It's so AMERICAN! We all need to smile and laugh more -even if we just laugh at ourselves (maybe the biggest joke).