Sunday, January 2, 2011

A birthday surprise or why you shouldn’t tell Jocelyn ANYTHING

Wait Wait Don't Tell me logoSo, there I was minding my own business looking for ideas for my dad for his birthday. I say to myself: Aahh! I have absolutely no idea what to get Dad for his birthday. I am a bad daughter. Aahh!. Then I say to myself Perhaps my sisters can help. Then, not to myself, but to my sister, I say Andrea, I have absolutely no idea what I should get Dad for his birthday. What are you getting him? This is where Andrea makes a critical error. She says to me I am getting Dad Inception. He enjoys watching movies and that’s a movie I think he’ll enjoy. I commend her for her brilliant gift idea and begin to rack my brain for appropriate movies to get Dad. I then decide that I should get him one of my favorite board games and make Andrea drive me all over San Diego in search of this game. She is a good sister.

As a good sister, she should have known not to tell me anything because not only am I bad daughter, I apparently am a bad sister too.

Monday night, Dad decides that he would like to watch a movie. He asks for suggestions. I being the helpful person say to Dad (I wish I had said it to myself first) Well, you got a DVD for Christmas. Let’s watch that. Dad says to me No I didn’t. I insist that he did. I say I know you did, Andrea gave you Inception. Dad gives me a very Dad look and let’s me know that I’m wrong. I can only imagine what he said to himself. Then, to myself, I say Ahh. Andrea gave everyone those amazingly adorable calendars for Christmas. The DVD was for his BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Ahh, RECOVER FAST! To my dad, I calmly and collectedly reply Oh, I must have been mistaken. Perhaps it was Jack that got Inception. You got all that delightful music. I was just confused. Dad buys my story and tells himself My daughter sure is wrong sometimes.

The next morning I tell Andrea my faux pas and ask her for her forgiveness. Later, Dad opened Andrea’s gift first. Andrea gave Dad Inception. Surprise! After extending words of gratitude, he winks at me as he realizes my blunder.


Joanne said...

So you spilled the beans! Ha! Ha! Glad you are fast on your feet for quick recovery.

Michael said...

Hmmm...I had no idea. That wink must have meant something else. Brent and I had to watch Inception again after everyone else left to better understand the story.