Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The gift exchange

I like to buy my roommates gifts. Well, actually I like to break their things and buy them replacements. Is that the same as buying them a gift? How about if I upgrade it a bit?

On the flip side, I like it when my friends give me gifts. I mean…I like it when my friends lend me things and then say I can borrow them indefinitely. That’s the same as a gift, right?

Whitney, I will return your extremely comfy cookie monster pajama pants…sometime. Thanks for the extended loan!

Cookie Monster Pajama Pants - Oh, so comfy!


Whitney said...

totally a gift. i told you that you can keep them forever. they are not nearly as comfy as my new monkey onesie--or footed pajama--or sleeper--or whatever it is you call it.

Grammyzanne said...

Am I imagining things? Are you really wearing hose with those PJ's?!

Jocelyn said...

Haha. Aunt Suzanne, I'm wearing tan socks...they do look like nude nylons in the picture but not in real life.