Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New nomenclature

Members of the LDS church are encouraged to hold FHE (Family Home Evening) on Monday nights to teach their children the gospel, strengthen relationships, and enjoy quality time together. My mom did a stellar job of adjusting the structure of FHE to meet the needs of our family. When I was young I remember giving lessons using a flannel board and colorful felt cut outs and playing Cootie Bug for the activity.

FHE is a beautiful tradition that brings families together, but what are young single adults supposed to do on Monday nights? Well, the Bishop can organize groups of single members to meet together. These have been called FHE groups, but I’ve always thought it a bit strange since these friends of mine aren’t my real family.

I was quite pleased when I read in the new handbook that the name has been changed for single adults. They are not to be referred to as families, but home evening groups. It has been my personal mission to spread the news of the more appropriate name to those in my ward: HE groups, not FHE groups. However, my friend had a good point. He felt like HE was missing a letter and that he would prefer to call it HED for Home Evening Dinner Groups.

I like his idea and would propose the following changes to the handbook:

Home Evening Dinner Groups

Priesthood leaders may organize one or more home evening dinner groups for young single adults who do not eat with their parents and do not feed children in their homes. If possible, priesthood leaders appoint a young single adult priesthood holder to cook for each group. In stakes with few young single adults, stake leaders may organize home evening dinner groups that cross ward boundaries. Home evening dinner group chefs are accountable to assigned priesthood leaders. These groups are not referred to as families.

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Rayleen said...

haha, I loved your changes. I'm sooo glad they've changed that. It always bothered me, especially at BYU when people would call the male leader "the dad" or the female leader "the mom." I have a Dad and a Mom and you're not going to replace them, thank you very much! Since the family is special, I didn't like throwing around those terms. I'm so glad that Church policy has kept up with my exasperation.:)

Dinner groups each week would be a welcome change for this young single adult. I'd make more space in my life for the occasion. Afterall, everyone has to eat!