Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Culture, part II

Are you working 1 or 2 hours extra tonight?
Just one hour today.  I’ll be off at 1730, so should be back home by ~1840.  Soon, [(homeDaniel) == (homeJocelyn)] = TRUE  :)
That’s over my head, but I think it means that you love me.
Haha, soon our homes will be the same place: in a matter of months, the conditional statement (homeDaniel) == (homeJocelyn) will evaluate to TRUE  :)
…but it can indeed be condensed to “I love you.”  Because…
I love you, Jocelyn.


J'lene Fernandez Merrill said...

Sounds like he was worth the wait not to mention the move across country! ;)

Ashley said...

Melting. out. of. my. chair.

In. puddle. on. ground.

TOO CUTE I love it. :)