Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The List: Family Culture

Brent and DadDo you see Mom in this picture?Daniel and Jocelyn

Girls make lists of qualities they’d like their future spouses to have. When I was a teenager I noted on my list that my husband would iron his own shirts. I detest ironing.

My list has changed. Now an important element is that my future spouse must fit into my family culture. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the men in my family are a bit…umm…how do you say it…intellectual…computer minded…I’ll just say it: geeky.

Here’s the edited email conversation that transpired this afternoon. I’ll let you decide if Daniel will blend with my family culture.

From: Daniel
To: Jocelyn

Looking at boats to/from Catalina; for what time on 7/29/11 should I reserve our spots?  Check-in at Catalina isn’t until 1500, so thinking either 1400 or 1615 would be our best bets (~1 h port-to-port), depending on how long the post-sealing luncheon runs.

From: Jocelyn
To: Daniel

Hold on let me convert your times into normal times.

From: Daniel
To:  Jocelyn

Haha, a computer program to do it:

Int time 1;

time1 = keyboard.readLine(“%n%n%n%n”);
If(time1 > 1200){
          time1 = time1 - 1200;
          time1 = (String) time1 + “PM”;
Time1 = (String) time1 + “a AM”;

System.out.println(“The time is actually “, time1, “ if you don’t want to take 1200 away.”);

From: Daniel
To:  Jocelyn

ARGH, it’s not…that should have been a >=, as 1200 is PM (I think).  Had it as such, but removed it…oh well.  I should point out that I’ve not programmed in a while, and it shows!

From: Jocelyn
To: Daniel

How do I use it?

From: Daniel
To:  Jocelyn

What, that?  Well, I’d need to rewrite it in Perl or Java instead of pseudo-code (which isn’t a language per se), as the keyboard.readLine() statement would need to be wrapped in a method in Java or called differently in Perl.  You’d also need access to the command line, as I’m not (and never have been) a big GUI guy.  I’d label that as more of a proof-of-concept…the point is that it’s probably easier to just take away 1200  ;)

Golly, now that I think on it, I’m not even sure if I have a Java development suite on my home PC, although the Linux side would have a built-in Perl interpreter.  I’ll work on that a bit  :)

From: Jocelyn
To:  Daniel

You make me smile. Can I blog this?

From: Daniel
To:  Jocelyn

It’s funny you’d ask, as I was just thinking you might.  My programming is rusty (as I said, it shows), but that’s OK.  Shockingly, I’m not perfect!  You’re welcome to do so, but I think people who do any sort of computer programming might wonder why in the world you’re marrying a guy who’s so slow to realize the difference between “>” and “>=” and who can’t seem to declare/work with variables in a consistent manner  :)

It’s true, Daniel’s not perfect: he doesn’t iron his own shirts. However, he has also taught me that the cleaners do an amazing job with shirts, and I’m pretty sure he’s perfect for me (and my family culture).


Forrest said...


Forrest said...

p.s. that said i was able to follow his code just fine

p.p.s. that being said i missed the aforementioned code problems, because I too am super-rusty.

p.p.p.s of course it's always harder reading other peoples code.

p.p.p.p.s i'm a nerd too

Brent said...

I'm looking forward to meeting Daniel, I think we'll get along just fine!

Grammyzanne said...

Fits in well - The scary thing is the program actually made some sense to me. That said, I do find it faster to just subtract 1200 to get the time conversion (of course I ignore the ones and tens place and just subtract 12).

Stefani M. said...

Ha. I do no ironing around here. I'm a mean wife, and make my husband iron his own shirts! (Because dry cleaner bills can be outrageous--we're about to ditch him wearing a REAL wool suit to church, because between sticky toddler fingers and baby spit-up, it's just too darn expensive to keep clean!)

Geevz said...

I only know enough programing to understand the vocabulary. Like GUI is pronounced gooey.

I detest iron and think it is a complete waste of time because wearing it five minutes destroys all the benefit. I buy a certain type of fabric shirt for John and he puts it in the bathroom while he showers.

P.S. I am fully supportive of nerd husbands. My theory is that nerds love you better because they know they are lucky to have you :)

Ashley said...

I love this. Your posts always make me smile! :) I love to see people happy in love!

Joanne said...

I didn't know it would be so difficult to understand dinner conversations now that I don't have any daughters at home and just a uh, nerdy son and husband.