Friday, May 20, 2011

The List: Safe driving

Public blogs are not the most appropriate place to reveal faults; however, I think full disclosure is in order: I failed my driver’s license test on two counts, but the examiner “passed” me anyway. My mom told me it was because I had dressed professionally. I think it’s my charisma. (Yes, you’re supposed to laugh at that)

Jocelyn & DanielI also have had a ridiculous number of car accidents and tickets since moving to Virginia. Let’s just say that I’ve lost track at this point. Charisma doesn’t help with collisions (although I am really good at calmly gathering the other driver’s insurance information).

Perhaps it’s not fair for me to include the fact that I would like my spouse to be a safe driver, when I haven’t mastered these skills myself. I have been known to tell people that if a boy can’t keep his temper when he’s driving, how can I expect him to keep his temper when I’m irrationally ridiculous? (Yes, sometimes I’m irrationally ridiculous. It happens.)

So, Daniel meets the safe driving list item and raises the term safe driving to a whole new level. He thinks that I speed like a demon. (Speed limits are merely suggestions.) He thinks that I do not know what the letters STOP mean. (You only need to stop if there’s another car at the intersection). He thinks that I measure 2 seconds traveling distance between cars creatively. (I wouldn’t have to get so close if other drivers used the passing lanes correctly.)

I think he drives like an old man.


Jack Turner said...

Anyone who drives slower than me is a ninny, but anyone who drives faster than me is just crazy. :-)

I vacillate between my strict interpretation of driving laws and my loose interpretation (which wins more often than not), but most of the time I am phlegmatic about other people's driving behaviors and hope that they'll be equally forgiving of mine.

DC said...

I drive like an old man because I'd like to make it to old-man status ;)

Phlegmatic = excellent word choice!

Michael said...

Driving cautiously is an admirable quality.

Joanne said...

I agree with Jack but am definitely not phlegmatic! Michael - are you working on developing that trait? Hope DC doesn't freak out driving in CA! But a lot of men here seem to make it to be old men! Who taught you to drive, Jocelyn? Be careful!