Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alarm clock or truck reversing?

Everyone has had that experience where they’ve incorporated the sound of their trusty alarm clock into their dream. Suddenly there’s a truck reversing while you’re trying to solve some ridiculous puzzle. Well, this morning, I couldn’t figure out why my alarm clock wouldn’t turn off. It just kept beeping and beeping even when I pushed every possible button. Then, I realized it was the garbage truck and it is summer vacation, which means no alarms and freedom to sleep (if you can).

Trucks straight from dreamland I promise these are not from my dream.

Images from [via Wejetset]

Did you know that Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program partnered with The Design Center at Philadelphia University to create trash trucks that are dream worthy?


Geevz said...

Those trucks are awesome! I'd pay a dollar more a month to have beautiful trucks.

Or shoot, give some teenagers some spray paint and a concept and see what happens.

Brent said...

HAHA! I like the idea to give teens spray paint and see what happens.