Thursday, June 2, 2011

But no elephants!

RGrandma Tildy is a sweet lady who loves everyone and everything except elephants. Well one day a salesman came along and tried to sell he some animals, she bought them all except the elephant. This story is about the elephant that Grandma Tildy didn't buy. It ended up that the salesman left the elephant at her house over the winter until she went soft and brought him in. The elephant got hungry one night and ate all of Grandma Tildy's food. Grandma Tildy got very angry but in the end the elephant takes Grandma Tidly and all her pets to a warm and sunny place. And now Grandma Tildy loves her pet elephant. emember how Daniel doesn’t care for cats? Remember how he likes dogs? Well, you can imagine my shock when I asked for a cat and he said yes! Remember how much he really loves me?

We brought Oliver home on Wednesday. He has been renamed Charlie the Cat, not to be confused with Charlie the Unicorn (Charlie the Cat is missing his claws, but I’m pretty sure he still has both of his kidneys).

I'm hoping Daniel will grow to love Charlie as much as Grandma Tildy grew to love her elephant.

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