Monday, June 27, 2011

Sharing Talents


Father’s Day was my last Sunday in one of the Relief Society presidencies in my ward (yes, there are 3 Relief Societies in my ward.). It seems like I usually get released once I get the hang of a calling. Not so this time.

The week before Father’s Day, we had not just one, but two lessons at church about the importance of developing and sharing talents. You’d think that the repetition would help me remember to share my talents. Not so this time.

So there I was, minding my own business (of course), when the Relief Society pianist calls after these great lessons and lets me know that she’ll be out of town the following Sunday. She explains that she spoke with the RS music coordinator and they couldn’t think of anyone who could play that would be in town. I assured her that something would work out and wished her a good Father’s Day trip.

I began racking my brain. Perhaps one of the summer interns could play the piano. Perhaps the RS president knew of someone else who could play. Saturday night, I began to be a bit worried. WHO CAN PLAY THE PIANO FOR CHURCH??? Then…I remembered…I can play the piano.

I went to church a bit early so I could remind my fingers how to behave and I managed to get through the prelude, two hymns, and postlude without too much disobedience from my digits. It’s a good thing I remembered. It’s good to share talents. It’s good to apply Sunday School and Relief Society lessons. 

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