Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pinterest has changed my wish list

I used to pine over matching coat hangers and plastic bins. Now, I’m pretty sure that I can’t live without:



Toilet paper tubes







and of course, a sewing machine.


I think I need to start setting a time limit for Pinterest daydreaming. Anyone up for some pallet searching?

(Don’t tell my sisters, but I may be a closet crafter after all.)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Words of Slumber

I’ve always known that I snore. Anyone who tries to watch a movie with me knows that I snore; however, I was not aware of my tendency to sleep talk. Not just sleep talk, sleep shout.

The following story was shared over breakfast by my sweetheart, Mr. Chappell (He told it in first person, but I’m writing it! Haahahahhahaa!):

Mr. Chappell was relaxing in his arm chair devouring a delicious book word by word when he heard his love holler from the bedroom: “Is there a contest?” Surprised by the question (and the volume), he went to see if everything was okay. There I lay sound asleep with Charlie the Cat. Puzzled, he stared for a few moments in the dark and then gave some advice, “You need to go back to sleep.” He returned to his armchair and novel. I apparently accepted his advice.

Another favorite quote from Mr. Chappell: “I wish I had been more lucid last night because you were hilarious in your sleep.”

It is well documented in my family that missing out is one of the weightiest threats. Somehow I never quite got over the fear that life would continue while I slept and that I would miss out. I’m told that I regularly shout, “What’s happenin’?” when my husband rolls over or gets up to use the restroom. Before he can formulate an answer in his sleepy state, I’ve already commenced snoring, again.

I guess I’m just as good at minding my own business in my sleep as when I’m awake. So much for Earnest Hemingway’s sleep refuge from falling apart.



By the way, does anyone have recommendations for quality earplugs that are comfortable for side sleepers? Inquiring husbands want to know.