Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Mr. Chappell loves words. He can’t get enough sappy declarations of my love. Since I’m better at inducing chuckles than swoons, I thought I would enlist the help of poets for my Valentine’s Day card. I checked out two books of love poems from the public library hoping to find the words that capture my emotions. You would think that I would have been successful when the cover looks like this:

English Love Poems

Instead, I found a collection of love poems about deceit, the transitory nature of love, and regret. Those aren’t exactly the emotions I was hoping to convey to Mr. Chappell. Instead I was left to use my own words. Sigh. After reading these poems all morning, it was refreshing to shift and consider the beauty of our relationship and our understanding of the eternal nature of families. (I love juxtaposition!) If we honor our temple covenants and live Christ-centered lives, we can be together for eternity. What a beautiful thing.



Instead of finding the right words in English L♥ve Poems, I found them on my favorite internet research site (yes, Dad, Pinterest)

Isaac Newton's Love Theory

*Mr. Chappell wanted it noted that he is not an object: he is an agent. Apparently he doesn’t like being objectified. Who knew!

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