Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding dresses have many uses

Wedding dresses are designed for



1. Looking gorgeous

2. Giving hugs

3. Eating delicious meals

4. Lifting golf carts

Mr. Chappell and I had a beautiful wedding day. There were so many touching moments, but that’s not the story I’m going to tell today. Today I will tell you a story along the theme of “Sometimes, Jocelyn makes bad decisions.”

Being the attention seeker that I am, I had decided that I would wear my wedding gown all day. Which would have been fine, if I had remembered to be a lady and do lady-like things in my gown.

Mr. Chappell and I made it to the breathtaking rental on Catalina Island. After a full day of celebrating we were tired and ready to change out of our wedding attire; however, there was an issue with the key to the door. Neither of us could get it to work. So, we decided to take the golf cart up to the entrance gate to see if someone could help us out.

To our dismay, in the process of backing up the golf cart, somehow the cover got wrapped around the front wheels of the cart. Of course the natural flow of events was for me to offer to lift the golf cart while my husband pulled the cover out from under the wheels. It was almost a success. My dress made an intriguing noise when I heaved. We ended up getting some help from the guards (and some interesting comments) and had a lovely time on our honeymoon.

The following week while hugging friends and family at the ring exchange, I discovered the source of the “intriguing noise,” and spent the afternoon with a sleeve half attached to my dress.


Geevz said...

awesome! Did you bother getting it repaired?

Adri said...

Oh Joce... that's such a silly story that is so YOU! xo