Monday, October 22, 2012

Sith lords and cat toys


eer bottle caps aren’t something I expect to find in my home these days. An occasional IBC root beer bottle cap: yes. Miller Lite: no. You can imagine my confusion when I found a beer bottle cap in the middle of my living room floor, not once, but twice.


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The rust and apparent age helped me reassure myself that no one in my household was secretly guzzling cheap American beer.

Speaking of my household, I’d like to introduce you to my new housemates:

The Rebel Alliance: Frankie and Yoda

 Frankie & Yoda with the dead pepper plant Frankie & Yoda

Frankie is a normal cat. He likes to sleep under the bed during the day and snuggle on the couch after dinner. He is enthralled with plastic balls, bells and the red laser dot. He sometimes has difficulty differentiating between my earrings and cat toys. He’s a good cat.

As you may have guessed from his name, Yoda is a Jedi cat.

Use the force, Yoda.

The thought of spending his days in a two-bedroom condo does not jive with his Jedi aspirations: he was born to explore the galaxy. To his chagrin, the Sith Lords, Darth Daniel and Naga Jocelyn, control the front door passage; therefore, he has taken to exploring the far reaches of his home planet.

The Jedi meditates the power of the duct

In his quest, he unearthed a hidden treasure trove of jedi-cat toys: beer bottle caps. A previous resident was so kind to store their discarded caps in the air conditioning duct for future discovery by one with knowledge of the force. I’m certain the previous residents were Jedi’s: a deep understanding of the force is the only explanation I can fathom for how they managed to place the caps in the duct.

Jedi Yoda in his duct 

The Sith Lords have removed the bottle caps.