Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breaking Free of Negativity: Introduction

"Winter Blues 2" by Linda Apple

Winter Blues 2
Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple

With winter and short days ahead, my Relief Society president taught a lesson on strategies to fight negative thoughts that tie us down and prevent us from living up to our divine potential. Winter blues can be painful for those who are prone to negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Jennie shared four pitfalls and provided strategies to counteract them that I’ll be discussing as a four part series:

Part 1: All or Nothing Statements

Part 2: Should Statements

Part 3: Blame Game

Part 4: Mental Filter

Her information came from a session she attended at BYU’s education week this summer: Silencing the Negative Chatterbox Within: Recognizing and Replacing Thoughts that Otherwise Keep Us Stuck and Hopeless taught by Carrie M. Wrigley.

Please remember that if you feel stuck or if you feel the joy has been sucked from your life, it is time to get help. Talk to your doctor, your spouse, your mom, your bishop. Talk to someone. There is help and you are not alone.

What strategies have helped you combat winter blues so you can enjoy the daffodils peaking through the snow in spring? 

Jonquilles (Daffodils)
Claude Monet
Painting, Oil on Canvas
Giverny, France: 1885


Geevz said...

Say yes more and spend time with high energy people! When I'm in a low valley, I try and say yes to things I don't feel like doing when invited. Being around people typically energizes me. If I can invite someone over to talk to me while I'm doing housework or whatever, it helps immensely.

Oh and exercise and good food. Thanks for the reminder to get me ready with a plan!

Jocelyn said...

@Geevz "Say yes more." I love that. When I'm in a low, my automatic response is no. When I say yes more (not always, just more), I find that the joy of being around others and doing something that was difficult is powerful.