Friday, December 14, 2012

Alphabet Advent – O is for…



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Nicholas was born to affluent parents who taught him of Christ. At a young age, his parents died and Nicholas decided to accept Christ’s invitation to follow him. He sold his earthly possessions and sought opportunities to help those in need. He became the Bishop of Myra and was known for his generosity and love.

In his travels he met a father with three lovely daughters. At that time, a young woman needed to have a dowry in order to marry. To this father’s heartache, he did not have anything of value to offer prospective husbands. He feared that his beloved daughters would never marry because of his poverty and would therefore be sold into slavery.

The next night Bishop Nicholas returned and anonymously tossed three bags of gold down the chimney. The bags of gold transformed into gold balls and landed in the shoes and socks drying by the fireplace. These gold balls secured the future for the three daughters.

Centuries later, we hang our stockings and fill them with gifts and oranges to remember the Christ-like generosity of Bishop Nicholas. The oranges remind us of the gold balls that rescued the daughters from slavery. Through the grace of Bishop Nicholas the girls were free from slavery. Through the grace of Jesus Christ we are free from the bonds of sin.

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Joanne said...

great story. I won't forget the oranges (however we prefer tangerines) with this message of grace.