Sunday, December 23, 2012

Alphabet Advent - X is for


ριστός or ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ – Christos in Greek


In Greek the letter CHI (X) starts the name of Christ. The X has been incorporated into symbols of Christ since early Christianity.

Labarum or Chi-Rio

The Chi-Rio was used by Constantine as a military standard in the early fourth century. The symbol is composed of the first two letter of Christ in Greek.
Coin of Magnentius with large Chi-Rho at ecliptic angles and including the Alpha and Omega.

IX  Monogram

This symbol is formed from the initials of Jesus Christ in Greek: IHCOYC XPICTOC. It is found on sarcophaguses as early as the end of the third century.

Sarcophagus in Constantinople, circa 400

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Michael said...

What joy! I've always thought that Xmas was an abbreviation that removed Christ from Christmas. Now I know it is a valid abbreviation that includes Christ. I am grateful for the time you have spent gathering these insightful bits of information. I have thoroughly enjoyed your alphabet advent posts.