Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review–On Becoming Babywise

On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Garry Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

Before reading this book, I was under the false impression that Babywise was about forcing an infant to sleep, feed, and play by a strict schedule. Instead Babywise focuses on using a routine to help your baby develop his or her own natural and flexible schedule. I can get behind routines.

Jocelyn’s Take Home Points

Focus on repeating the following pattern:

  1. Eat – encourage your baby to eat a full meal in one sitting. This may be difficult with a sleepy newborn, but it’s worth the effort to keep that baby awake in order to get in a full meal.
  2. Activity – After eating, provide an activity for your baby such as changing their diaper, watching a mobile, tummy time, singing, etc. (For more ideas on newborn play, please check out this great post over at the blog MamaOt)
  3. Sleep – During the active time, watch for signs of drowsiness. Then soothe your baby to sleep. While the baby sleeps, take time for yourself whether that’s sleeping or painting your toenails.

Keep a diary of your child’s routine so you can see patterns and monitor growth.  The book provides charts for tracking daily feeding and diaper activity.

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Amy said...

I've used this for all 3 of my babies and it has worked for each of them. Love it!